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Forging and Auto-plating turnkey companies from Taiwan Are Looking for Global Partnes for Long Term Cooperation




Dear Sir:


Good days

This is J.D.machiney fromTaiwan, It is our pleasure to have contact with you

We are the only one who can provide you the turnkey project in the Forging and Electro-palting fields

Our machines are ssuitable for the Hand Tools, Auto Parts, Motorcycles, Bicycles, even the aviation fields…etc

As long as you show us a sample of forging part or machinery fields

We can organize the total solution for you from the production line layout, equipment setup, even the mold design.

There is no need for you to search around the suppliers; it can definitely save you time and money

The most important one, we offer you the most stable and reliable products and after-sale service


The following is one of our current flow chart

You may check it out

Should you need more information?

Please feel free to contact us


1: Forging Machines: J.D Machinery Co. Ltd

Production line:

Hot forging press, Cold forging press

Capacity: 80 Tons ~2500 Tons



A: Specialized in making High Speed Hot/Warm/Cold Forging presses more than thirty years experience of forging industry.

B: Providing sophisticated mold design

C: 80% share of market of forging machines in Taiwan

D: Production capability: 150~200 presses per year

E: Lots customers reference list in India

G: We can offer the billet cutter, billet heater, induction furnace, ban saw, slotting machine…etc


Please check the following YouTube hyperlink for more information

Fully auto hot forging machine




2. Electro-Plating: H.L. Co. Ltd

Production line

1.    General Metal Finishing Plating Line

2.    PCB Wet-Process Equipment

3.    Coating Pretreatment Equipment

4.    Anode Oxidation Line

5.    ED Coating Equipment

6.    Semiconductor Wet-Process Equipment

7.     Surface Process Related Pollution Prevention Equipment


A: Turnkey solution provider,

I: the high class plating line,

II: the power system,

III: exhaust air system

IV: the waste water treatment system


B: User friendly fully auto computerized control,

C: Any material, such as the Zinc, Brass,, Plastic, Iron

D: Lots customers reference list in India


Type: Elevator and suspension

Capacity: Custom made

Please check the following YouTube hyperlink for more information

PT fully auto Electro-Plating line







We are looking for global partners via long term cooperation


Should you have any question about our products or cooperation?


Please feel free to contact us our task force team


Kind Regards


 J-Cheng ----Forging turnkey project leader











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